Busse Team Gemini Sheath 201603

Season six of The Walking Dead is on winter break as I write this post.  In earlier seasons one of the survivors – Daryl Dixon – carries a Busse Team Gemini knife in a crusty home-made looking laced leather sheath.  Collectors of Busse knives went wild over the publicity of the brand and have enjoyed following the show, even after Daryl dropped his Busse at Terminus and moved on to less reputable knives.

This sheath I’ve made is inspired by Daryl Dixon’s, however while his is a prop sheath mine is crafted with care and attention to detail.  It’s made with drum dyed black leather that’s been “shot through,” meaning the dye has fully saturated the thickness of the leather.  The leather has waxes and oils mixed in during the dyeing process to lubricate the fibers and keep the leather from drying out for an extended period.

I’ve used classic slits for the belt loop which help keep a thin overall package without compromising integrity.  The lacing is of course done by hand, and the entire sheath has been sealed for long useful life.

The keeper is riveted to the body so you can’t lose it.

Made by my hands in Seattle, Washington.  Thank you for looking.

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