Busse Battle Saw 20170205

I made this Battle Saw sheath a while back.  I don’t take orders any more and I work at a glacial pace, but sometimes something turns out nice and I want to share.

As usual, the knife inspired the sheath design.  I wanted to incorporate the saw teeth on the spine of the Battle Saw.  I ended up with the overlays on the front and back of the sheath, which have the same sawtooth pattern.

Sometimes it’s convenient to carry a sheath this size on your belt.  Other times it’s a bit much and I’d rather stash it in my pack.  This sheath supports both options with a removable dangler.  The snaps are Pull-the-Dot style, which only open when pulling in one direction.  With these snaps, the sheath is not going to get pulled off your belt, but it’s a cinch to remove when desired.

I used a pin lock on this sheath.  This is my favorite retention method, and it works great here.  It can be removed altogether if you want a slip sheath, if desired.

Leather is vegetable tanned, dyed British Tan.  The edges are dyed and burnished, but not painted.

Made with care in Seattle, Washington.

This one is available for immediate sale – $130 USD + shipping.  Contact me if interested.

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